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Continuing to provide "quality goods and efficient service", Fat Tarım presents Aegan olives to the local and international markets in newly designed packaging.

Black Olives: Gemlik, Akhisar and Edremit type black olives processed untouched by hand take their places on shop shelves either canned or in vacuumed packets.

Tin cans contain 200, 400, 750, 1750, 2750 grams and vacuumed packets contain 250, 500 and 1000 grams of olives net. Black olives of low salt content are supplied in 200, 400, 750, 1750 and 2750 grams tinned cans. Stoned and sliced black olives are additional chocies.

Green Olives: Akhisar Domat type olives are selected for cocktail and stuffed green olive preparations. Edremit olives are used to produce scratched gree olives. Cocktail and scratched green olives are supplied in 12 kg. cans; scratched green olives in 14 kg. cans.

Cocktail and scratched green olives are vacuumed in 250 and 500 gram packagin, stuffed green olives come in 200 and 400 gram vacuumed packaging.

Cocktail and scratched green olives are also supplied in glass jars of 370 and 720 cc.

Green olives filled with pepper, garlic, lemon and almond are all pasteurized.

Stoned and sliced green olives are all health products supplied by Fat Agriculture.

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